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Approximate Pick-Your-Own Dates in Massachusetts

Apples  Mid-August to Early November
Blackberries  July to August
Blueberries  July to August
Cherries  June to July
Flowers  July to October
Grapes  Late August to September
Melons  Late July to September
Peaches  August to September
Pears  August to Late October
Plums  August to October
Pumpkins  September to Early November
Nectarines  August to September
Raspberries  Late June to September
Strawberries  Late May to Early July
Tomatoes  July to Early October
Vegetables  May to Late October

Farms may have more fruits and vegetables available for picking than is listed here in the short descriptions. Availability and picking times vary from year to year, season to season, and day to day. Please call before going.